John Deere


Max Extended Length: 1400 mm
Width (track): 310 mm
Height (to cabin): 305 mm
Weight: 26 - 35 kg depending on the configuration
max. Working height (measured from the floor): 950 mm
max. Trench depth (measured from the floor): 520 mm

The two Deere excavators are identical to the original documentation of the excavators from Zaxis. The Zaxis 470 and Deere 450D LC are both 50 ton and the Zaxis 870 and the Deere 850 are both 80 ton. Only the paint scheme is different.

Essential accessories:

  • 3 servos, e.g. Graupner C 5077
  • 3 speed controllers for brushed motors, e.g. Schulze race 22re
  • 1 brushless controller for the hydraulic system, e.g. Roxxy 930
  • 1 battery 12 Volt, e.g. Lipo 3 S or 10 Cells Sub-C
  • 1 receiver with 7 channels
  • 1 radio transmitter with a minimum of 7 channels, e.g. Graupner MC 19


This is what Lil Giants wrote:


“I got the 850 working a few nights ago. I'm awestruck at the unbelieveable digging power it has, it's just an outstanding model to operate. Thank you Frank for designing such a simplistic & very functional model & to you Kirsten for your company in putting it into production for the consumer.“




The model shown is fitted with optional scale accessories.