Vario Earthmovers: Introducing the Zaxis 470, Zaxis 870, Deere 450D LC and Deere 850 excavators

These high quality radio controlled hydraulic excavators have a massive operating pressure up to 32 bar and a weight of 30kg. Their maximum stretched length is 1.40m.

These are the most powerful rc excavator models in production today. With their high weight they have optimum stability. It is a great experience to use our Executors!

The undercarriage and upper base plate are made from solid laser cut steel parts. The booms are made using a GFK / Metal composite construction. Thus the arm of our excavator is very stable and relatively easy to assemble. The cylinders are prepared ready for mounting. The same applies to the upper body mouldings, here to; very little work is required to complete this assembly. The counterweight is hollow and can be filled with different weights to optimize the excavators’ lifting characteristics. We use an electrical slip ring between the controls in the top section and the undercarriage; this eliminates rotating cables and increases reliability.

All moving parts are equipped with special plain bearings which give extra protection against dust and dirt; this is especially a benefit on the guide rollers of the tracks. The slew ring components are CNC machined as are many other components of our excavator, more information on this, see the section components.

The models can be equipped with many scale details in order to achieve a model as close as possible to the full size machine.