50-ton dump truck in 1:14

length: 800 mm
width: 275 mm
height: 300 mm
side sill height: 240 mm
Hollow inside dimensions approximately: ca. 265x400 mm
weight: 17 - 19 kg
Operating pressure: 10 - 15 bar

The model of a 50-ton dump truck in 1:14 scale is the first truck that is produced from Vario.

The model is, like all other models built by Vario extremely stable. The front and rear frame is completely made of bent and welded steel plate in thicknesses of 1.5-3mm. The middle joints is partly even from 6mm steel parts.

All parts are laser cut. The storage of the middle joint is realized by two ball bearings are mounted in a CNC-machined intake, which is bolted to the frame. An adjustable stop in the end positions for the rotary joint is provided with at this point.


The axes are driven by a motor with planetary gearbox for each wheel which makes for a very powerful drive. The axes themselves are made here and CNC, and have come to a ball in the middle of the optic axis of an original as close as possible. Here, the hubs are of course not directly attached to the gears, but are on a double ball-bearing mounted shaft with a diameter of 10mm.


Sit on the rims completely faithful to the original tire company AFV, all tires are labels on the tire to scale exist. A real visual treat.

Swing Axle

The swing axle is mounted on an 8mm precision wave Achspendel themselves consist of high-strength aluminum water jet cut.

Dump Body

The dump body is also made from 2mm sheet steel and is TIG welded with all your details.

All these components yield a stable model so that you can make about 100kg in the tray, without which the model gets hurt!


The bodies are made of easily worked ABS thermoformed parts. The look speaks for itself. The complete assembly is only secured with magnets on the frame, so you can always lose weight with a handle, the entire cabin, for example switch to the battery. Of course, then the entire hydraulic system is perfectly accessible.


The hydraulic system itself consists of a pump by Jung with a model adapted to capacity, and valves from Ulrich Meinhardt. The cylinders are made of precision-finished soldered brass parts, with multi-head. This allows the cylinders apart at any time without soldering. Where there are actually likely through the use of two different kinds of seals no good reason to do so.