Bell B40D

Length 723 mm
Width 228 mm
Height 258 mm
scale 1:14,5

The Bell B40D is not "just" the little brother of the B50, no, he is also an evolution!

The proven components of B50 have been applied, and adapted it was implemented in the B40 on the one hand, a completely new drive concept, on the other hand, the structures created in a completely different technique to design these very detailed, can and supply parts to the little must be processed.

The proven stable axes of the B50 were adapted to the new drive concept, designed the installation of the axes even easier. Is used a brushless motor for each wheel so that each wheel can, if necessary, up to 100W are available. Despite all this, the efficiency of Brushless is significantly better than that of a normal brush motor, thus increasing the efficiency of the entire drive train. This may mean that you get in "normal mode" consumes much less power, if necessary, but unprecedented performance.

Of course, the basis of the B40 Fumotec typical welded steel frame components, which were further detailed design. A real treat are the new form part of the cab, hood, and other components. These parts are made of fiberglass, and are supplied ready for installation as far as possible. Only the cut for the radiator, and the discs itself must be done yet. Work even for a novice are done very quickly. Not only that the parts are delivered almost finished, the Details that could be implemented to talk at this manufacturing process for itself. It originated form the parts almost every detail of the original have, from the window frames, moldings all over for handles and air vents.

That the hood, in contrast to B50 now as in the original is a separate part, of course, despite all this by itself is revised, it is also in this model is not a plug and play model, but with a kit of the appropriate technical understanding required for assembly.